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Aavik S-180/280/580 series with Roon Ready Certification

Aavik Acostics is proud to announce that the Aavik S-180/280/580 series have received Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs. 

Roon is a rich and engaging way to browse, organize, and listen to music. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then interconnected by links to build a surfable digital magazine. Roon is also a multi-room, multi-user networked audio platform, it offers features such as bit-perfect playback, DSD and PCM upsampling, multichannel support, and Signal Path display.

What does it mean to be Roon Ready?

Aavk Acoustics are offering customers a 60 days free Roon trial period.If you already are the happy owner of an Aavik Streamer,please contact your local dealer for a gift card.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to audition Roon Ready on the stunning streamers from Aavik Acoustics at your local dealer. Learn more about the Aavik electronics at our homepage.

Software Upgrading Aavik Streamers

Important notes:
1. We recommend that this update will be handled by your local dealer.
2. This software upgrade is only for Aavik S-180/280/580 Streamers.

This guide describes installing software upgrades on the Aavik S-180, S-280 and S-580 streamers. These upgrades provide Roon Ready support as well as various bugfixes.

You will need a Windows PC (Windows XP or later), and either a DE-9 male to female serial cable (if the PC has a built-in serial port), or a USB to serial converter cable. The streamer has to be connected to a network with internet access, either through Ethernet or WiFi.

Note: If the streamer has a software version older than 0.8.1 installed, it will need a factory upgrade. The software version can be checked using the menu. For details on using the menu, see the user manual, or the brief description in the next section. The "Software version" is displayed two steps after the "Network status" display.

Upgrading Streaming Firmware

Switch on the streamer

Enter the menu using either the remote control (press the menu button), or by pressing and holding the front panel menu button, until the display changes to "Display brightness".

Navigate through the menu until you reach "Network status", by pressing the ◄ button on the remote six times, or by pressing the front panel menu button six times. The bottom line of the display should read either "LAN connected" or "WiFi connected". If this is not the case, you have to get the network connection working, before you can proceed.

Navigate another 5 steps through the menu, until you reach the "Firmware update" screen. Now press ▲ on either the remote or front panel, to scan for updates. If an update is found, press the ▼ key to install. The display will show "Upgrade starting" while the update is being downloaded, and then show the upgrade process. After reaching 100%, the streamer will reboot. DO NOT TURN OFF THE STREAMER DURING FIRMWARE UPGRADE!

Control Software Upgrade

Download the latest control software version from the Aavik Acoustics FTP server. Using a browser, press button:

Note that Microsoft Edge does not support FTP. Please use another browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you are using an FTP application, the server name is firmware.aavik-acoustics.com and the username and password is aavik.
Navigate to the S-180_S-280_S-580 folder, and download the latest release.

Now connect the RS-232 port of the streamer to the PC using either a straight through DE-9 male to female serial cable, or a USB to serial/RS-232 cable. If you have never used the USB to serial cable before, Windows may prompt you for drivers. These should be supplied with the cable if needed.

Run the upgrade software you downloaded previously (a file named S80_abc.exe, with "abc" being the version number).

The "COM Port" dropdown list usually select the correct serial port automatically. You can find a list of serial ports in your PC by using "device manager"

To upgrade the streamer software, turn off the streamer on the back panel power switch, and leave it off for 30 seconds. Now press the "Upgrade" button in the upgrade software window, and switch on the streamer main power approx. 2-3 seconds afterwards. Now the software should get upgraded, and the "Complete" message should appear in the software message area.

If you see a message like "Download failed", switct off the main power for 30 seconds and start over.

When you get the "Complete" message, the upgrade process is complete, and you can switch off power and disconnect the serial cable.